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Salvation by Faith Be Sure You're a Christian. (3 of 4)

When you accept Christ, its going to be a transforming process. Not only are you intellectually different, but you're also going to be motivated by things outside.

Yes, it says that faith without works is dead. So we can believe, but it doesn't mean anything unless our lives are affected by it.

Yea, our attitudes and actions should reflect that Christ is in our life.

When we accept Christ, truly accept Christ, you're going to have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, and He should be what's controlling your actions, and that would directly correlate into a Christ-centered life.

It's wonderful that God provides confirmation of our salvation in these various ways. But faith is also another crucial ingredient. Faith is essential in the Christian life. And the object of our faith is Jesus Christ. It's only as we place our total trust in Him and His promises that we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we're going to heaven.

Faith means everything. When you receive Christ, you take a step of faith.

You can't see God, so to believe in something that you can't see takes faith.

Faith is like when you not only believe in your mind, but in your heart that He died for you, and that He forgave you of your sins, so faith means everything in your relationship with the Lord.

Salvation is based on faith. Basically, we can't see God, we have to trust that He's there. That He hears us, we have to trust that Jesus is His Son, and He's who He said He was, and it's harder for some than others, but, it's simply believing that Jesus is God, and that He has the best plan for your life, and letting Him guide what you do. So, salvation without faith is impossible.

Faith is basically 100% of it.

God's Word is one way to know you are now a Christian. The promise of God's Word, not your feelings, is your authority. His word is totally reliable. You have to have faith in Christ to be assured of your salvation.

You become a Christian by faith and by faith alone. Faith is putting your trust in God and His promises. However, it is through prayer - talking to God - that you can express your faith in Christ and the promises of His Word.

You do not become a Christian by simply praying a prayer. It is not enough to ask Jesus into your life; you must believe He will come in as He promised. Faith says, "I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God." Faith says, "I know Jesus died for my sins." Faith says, "I know if I open my heart's door to Him, He will come in." Faith says, "When He comes in, I'll become a child of God." Faith says, "I know that, when I receive Jesus into my life, I will have eternal life."

Jesus would not deceive you. You can be sure, if you asked Him into your life, He now lives inside you and will give you the abundant, eternal life He promised.

I encourage you, right now, to thank God for His faithfulness to you and for His presence in your life. Do not depend on your feelings. God's Word is your authority. Faith and obedience always result in the awareness of our Lord's presence. (John 14:21)

Take the initiative to tell everyone you meet about the person and claims of our Lord Jesus Christ and the revolutionary way He can change their lives-and how they, too, can be sure they are Christians.

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Be Sure You're A Christian

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